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Signature Playthrough

December 12, 2009

Hey there! Since I can’t use the blog feature on PC, I though I’d make a blog here. This post is for the playthrough I’m currently doing in my signature. I’m going to keep updating it with the latest actions. As for the playthrough, I only made one rule for myself, and that is to get at least five votes before moving on. The reason is so that I can get more opinions and decisions rather than having one person decide. Having five votes would also prevent draws (for example, two votes for each decision).

Decision #1: FireRed or LeafGreen?

FireRed or LeafGreen?

FireRed: 1

LeafGreen: 4

Decision #2: Boy or girl?

Boy: 4

Girl: 2

Decision #3: Name of Hero






Note: I didn’t choose the name. I used this tool to choose. What it does it that you put in your options/choices, click “Choose” and it chooses one for you.

Decision #4: Name of Rival

Red: 4

Ash: 1

Kene: 0

Geki: 1